Heimatverein Reicher Ebrachgrund e.V.

The Heimatverein Reicher Ebrachgrund cares about the historical and sociological needs in the area of the Reiche Ebrach, a 40 km long brook in the heart of Franconia, springing at the Steigerwald and flowing into the Regnitz (and so feeding the North Sea resp. Atlantic Ocean).
Approx. 400 members and all the other inhabitants of the communities situated here, like Geiselwind in Lower Franconia, Schlüsselfeld, Pommersfelden in Upper Franconia and Wachenroth und Mühlhausen in Middle Franconia, can find in this Heimatverein Reicher Ebrachgrund, the identity being often missed, while suffering by stress and floods of redundant information.
Since its foundation in 1987 all members received an annual publication, called Heimatbote aus dem Reichen Ebrachgrund.
For further information or membership (annual fee: 20 Euro) please also contact to following:

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